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A Profile in Courage

The Congressional Record (March 31, 2004)

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Wirs Makes Sports History
Peter J. Wirs, a Profile in Courage

The Congressional Record once noted that Pete Wirs was a "Profile in Courage." (Remarks of U.S. Rep. Tim Holden, page E493, March 31, 2004). 

And his record speaks for itself.  Pete Wirs believes in defending the Constitution of the United States. That's why he's the trustee of the Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters, one of a handful charitable trusts in politics today.  He has served both as an elected law enforcement officer and a firefighter.  He grew up in the country, but today is spearheading efforts to launch the largest court-supervised urban redevelopment in the nation. 

As the long-termed chairman of the Pennsylvania Wrestling Club, Wirs made sports history April 17, 2014 by becoming the oldest person ever to step onto a wrestling match for his very first competitive bout.  In October, 2016, Pete Wirs will set three world records when he steps onto the mat at the USA Wrestling Veterans National. He becomes the first American, the first male, and the first wrestler to compete in regular international sports while suffering a progressive and fatal Mitochondrial Disease (following only Sophie West of Great Britain in Masters division swimming).
Pete Wirs is the only person in recent history to successfully sue the Supreme Court of the United States.  The Supreme Court was having problems in 1993 getting Congress to adequately fund the civil jury fee fund.  The Court administrator recommended that Pete Wirs actually sue the Supreme Court on mandamus.  He did and he won.  Congress rapidly replenished the civil jury fee fund that year.

Pete Wirs was Pennsylvania's first candidate for public office (and first notary public) under age 21.
When the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect, Pete Wirs became the first candidate in Pennsylvania for public office under the age of 21 and also became Pennsylvania's first notary under the age 21.

Pete Wirs is the Trustee of the Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters.  There are not many charitable trusts involved in politics today, but the Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters is an exception. Pete Wirs is the Trustee of the Roosevelt-Bentman Trust which is dedicated to protecting First Amendment right of voters within their chosen political parties.  Once a staple of American politics, today's popularly elected precinct committee people have been shunned to the side by secret Super-PACs, 527s and Washington insiders.  The Roosevelt-Bentman Trust works to restore the voters' right to express their will within their chosen political parties through their elected committee people; while working to instill public trust in all elected officeholders.

Ready to undertake the Nation's Largest Court-Supervised Urban Renewal.  Pete Wirs is also Chairman and Executive Director of The Germantown Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) community development corporation that acts primarily as a court-appointed conservator (receiver of real property) of abandoned and blighted property under Pennsylvania's Act 135.  The Conservancy is attempting to save over 600 abandoned and blighted properties throughout the historic Germantown section of Philadelphia. The Conservancy has already saved three landmark buildings within the Tulpehocken Station Historical District, including a famous Frank Furness church, and three other landmark buildings in Germantown.

The Conservancy is waiting for enactment legislation which Wirs served as the primary draftsman to commence undertaking what will become the nation's largest court-supervised urban redevelopment. 

Government Ethics, Accountability and Productivity (early 2016).  Pete Wirs is the author of the forthcoming 3-volume, 1700 page treatise Government Ethics, Accountability and Productivity. The treatise analyzes how public officials should discharge their public duties as fiduciaries to their constituents. 

Pete Wirs makes sports history, April 17, 2014.  On April 17,2014, Pete Wirs became, at the age of 59, the oldest person ever to step onto a sanctioned wrestling mat for his very first competitive bout.  This is despite Wirs is a Type II diabetic.  

Wirs' very first opponent was two-time defending national Veterans Class E 85 kg champion, Kevin Henjdal, formerly a San Jose All-American and twice U.S. Olympic trial finalist.  What was Wirs' first bout was Henjdails 384th bout. The contest lasted only 14 seconds with a fall, everyone applauded Wirs as being the attacker.Wirs' second opponent, Steve Catarino, also fell Wirs, but it too longer, 22 seconds.  Nonetheless, Wirs was the attacker, and more important, Wirs made the team to compete at the World Veterans Championship in Belgrade, Serbia.  In 2015, Wirs lost twice again, but in his repechage bout, Wirs successfully defended himself from getting pinned, and achieved his goal of remaining on the mat for at least a minute. 

Defending Women's Rights under Title IX.  As Chairman of the Pennsylvania Wrestling Club, Wirs is an outspoken advocate for the right of girls and women to compete in wrestling today as they have done for thousands of years. Wirs even went into Federal Court to assure a female junior high student could compete in wrestling.